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The Global Reef Project has compiled a list of external links to sites that provide information and research related to coral reefs. The Global Reef Project is not responsible for the content of these links and does not endorse or recommend any material, products, or services offered by these sites.

The Hawaii Coral Reef Network has compiled a list of links or network postings on most of the major sampling protocols used by various research programs throughout the world.

The United Nations Atlas of Oceans is an information system designed for use by policy makers who need to become familiar with ocean issues and by scientists, students and resource managers who need access to underlying databases and approaches to sustainability.

The Kentucky Geological Survey, University of Kentucky, has set up a great history of coral reefs with images.

University of Exeter's School of Biosciences has a Marine Spatial Ecology Lab. The lab has various projects in coral reef ecology and remote sensing.

Video footage of over 500 clips of a variety of reef-related phenomena collected during research trips.

The Short Attention Span Science Video on Ecological Sustainability, which offers 2-4 minute microdocs on sustainability examples from coral reefs around the world.

Other coral reef videos

Charlie Veron, one of the world’s leading coral reef research scientists.

Pollution and overfishing

Definitive description of ocean acidification

Good overview of effects of climate change

International Society for Reef Studies

Khalid bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation

Other interesting and useful links to global oceanic expeditions & coral reef NGOs

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