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Purchase of Alchemy

The purchase of Alchemy was completed today five miles off shore from Palm Beach, Florida. It was the completion of a long search, by the founder of the Global Reef Project, Lyle Turner, for a vessel that could serve as a home for the project.

The vessel is owned by Alchemy Ventures, a limited liability corporation based in the Marshall Islands, whose owners wish to remain anonymous.  Space aboard the vessel for support crew and equipment is donated to the Global Reef Project. “Having access to Alchemy, its equipment and crew, is a major milestone for the Global Reef Project. She will be a great platform for scientists to work together in our quest to collect unified and global coral reef ecosystem data” said Lyle Turner.

Alchemy will remain at the dock in North Palm Beach, Florida, until a permit is obtained to move her through U.S. waters to Bradford Marine in Fort Lauderdale.

Move to Fort Lauderdale

The Global Reef Project acquired the permits to move Alchemy to Bradford Marine in Fort Lauderdale. The marine research vessel was moved on February 17, 2010, at high tide, to get her into the channel. Alchemy will be parked in a covered space while the vendors, suppliers, and architect study the scope of the work needed, and quote on the re-fit.

The Global Reef Project has three main goals with this re-fit:

1. Create a full scuba diving center in the lazerette/cockpit area, at the stern of the boat, complete with Nitrox and a wet lab space.

2. Upgrade the satellite/com/wifi system to provide full-time internet access for staff and crew.

3. Install the basic biogeochemical data collection equipment.

In addition, the Global Reef Project is doing all the normal boat maintenance activities, making this a fairly large re-fit project.

Steven Ripley named Science Program Manager

Steven Ripley accepted the position of Science Program Manager at the Global Reef Project on February 22, 2010. Mr. Ripley, who has taken a sabbatical from his doctoral program in Marine Biology at the University of Plymouth, has already had a three-year association with the development of the Global Reef Project. He began consulting with us in the very earliest days, and has continued to support this dream during the long search for the right vessel and financial partners. Mr. Ripley has experience in molecular biology and ocean acidification. Of particular interest to him are the effects of increasing dissolved carbon dioxide levels on coral reef ecosystems. He is a qualified PADI Dive Master and an experienced trans-oceanic yachtsman. His interests and efforts will have a great impact on the success of the Global Reef Project. We welcome him aboard

Martin Daly of Indies Trader as Advisor

Alchemy Ventures Ltd. and the Global Reef Project reached an agreement on February 24, 2010 with Martin Daly of the Indies Trader Group to provide advice and services for the upcoming re-fit.

Martin Daly was a pioneer in exploration of the coral reefs for surfing. In 1999, he organized a five year expedition, supported by Quiksilver and Reef Check, to combine surf exploration with a scientific mission to survey the world’s coral reefs.

The expedition, called the Quicksilver Crossing, provided the inspiration for the Global Reef Project. Martin’s experience and input will be an invaluable asset in preparing for this expedition.

Alchemy moves to Alabama

Alchemy moved to Dauphin Island, Alabama, for her re-fit on April 19, 2010. Under the guidance of Martin Daly, Alchemy is undergoing reconstruction and a re-fit for scientific equipment.