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About Us

The Global Reef Project is a scientific effort focused on collection of biogeochemical data from coral reefs and open-water ecosystems. It aims to develop a comprehensive, system-wide, and quality-controlled set of protocols for data sampling in collaboration with the scientific community.

The Global Reef Project intends to collect physical, chemical, and biological data from a large number of geographically diverse sites, both proximal and distal to human populations. Data collection will be carried out over a five-year period, aboard Alchemy, an expedition research vessel, which will circumnavigate the world’s major land masses and crisscross the major oceans.

The Global Reef Project will collect data and samples from around the world whilst our partners and collaborators undertake analysis. Analysis will include evaluation of chemical and physical data; plankton, microbe, and viral community fingerprinting to estimate biodiversity; standard marine biology counts of fish, macro algae, and other reef-associated organisms.

If you would like to collaborate in this unique endeavor, or if you want the opportunity to have the Global Reef Project collect data on your behalf, please contact us.

Currently, the Global Reef Project is connecting with marine biologists to begin the process of identifying the most useful type of physical, chemical, and biological data, which will help scientists understand coral reef ecosystems.

If you are interested in the opportunity to have the Global Reef Project collect data on your behalf, or if you would like to collaborate to formulate a standardized protocol for data collection, please contact the Global Reef Project.

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